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J.D. Johnson, Head Coach from Feather River has resigned. 2/6/14
Jon Osterhout named ARC Interim Head Coach at American River
Robert Tucker named Head Coach at West Hills College
Signings from the Sacramento Area #1
Signings from the Sacramento Area #2
Please allow me to welcome you to the Northern California Football Association website.
This 2013 season was the 15th Season for the NCFA with Butte College winning the CCCAA Championship against Fullerton on Dec. 14th. Congratulations to all the teams and players and wishing the sophomores good luck as they move on with their future endeavors and the freshman a successful off-season and a great sophomore season.
The NCFA has three competitive Divisions divided into two conferences each providing “…uniformity, strength, and parity…”to Northern California community college football. The NCFA administers football competition that is consistent with the educational mission, goals, and objectives of the member colleges. We strive to encourage excellence in performance of our student-athletes, as well as to promote high standards of academic achievement, leadership and physical fitness.
The emphasis for 2013 includes improved sportsmanship and safety for all associated with the game. New NCAA safety rules compliance and enforcement will be a challenge for coaches, athletes, and game officials. This website will provide valuable information about the above along with team and individual performance, including statistical information and current schedules.
I wish nothing but the best for all our member colleges, their staff and student athletes and encourage you to see a game and
utilize this website to enhance your community college football experience.